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Music by Band Aid - "Do they Know It's Christmas"

Music by Band Aid – “Do they Know It’s Christmas”

Christmas is one of my most cherished times of year. It is a season that celebrates and is celebrated by foodies near and far, and as a person whose life revolves around food and the talk of food, and the production and use of food, this time of year more than any other brings to mind those who do not have a lot of food and it is in these moments of quiet thought that I remember why I do what I do.

As my fellow comrades in the fight to annihilate hunger from the earth I ask you to take a moment in this gloriously special season to remember those for whom a mouthful of tender braized leg of lamb (or whatever succulent meal you are having tonight or tomorrow) is as unimaginable as a trip to the moon and back, and then maybe in salute of these quiet victims of this our wildly unfair existence, think twice about throwing away that bowl of leftover beef carpaccio, or mediterranean orzo salad with feta vinaigrette, or the last few marzipan mushrooms from your yule log.  Maybe save it for work the next day or donate it to the closest soup kitchen, or send it away in tiny bowls with your guests. Whatever you chose to do, let’s cooperatively make an effort in this best beloved season to  do our bit to curb food waste, and in so doing, venerate all we have been given, most especially the surplus which we somehow appreciate the least.

As always, thank you for accompanying me on this agricultural expedition.

Merry Christmas All and see you in the New Year.