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In celebration of World Food Day, I thought I’d share a wonderful Nat Geo “What The World Eats” graphic.

Built as part of Nat Geo’s Future of Food Series, the viz illustrates changing food consumption patterns across countries and regions over the last 50 years (1961 to 2011). Select the grams tab to reveal quantity consumed per capita, and the calorie tab to see how food translates into fuel and energy. The percentages in the pie chart are the measure of the proportion of each item in the overall diet.

Created using FAOSTAT data, “What The World Eats” is a fantastic demonstration of how data can be transformed into a visual narrative that is easy to share, and even easier to understand.

Click here, or on the graphic to be directed to the full dynamic visual, and enjoy!

"What the World Eats". Source: National Geographic 2014.

“What the World Eats”. Source: National Geographic 2014.



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